I chose for mother and her child, it is important to keep family close as much as possible.' –Iet Schilder-Verboom.


The Kiran Namaste foundation focuses on an emancipating project for single Nepali mothers and their children. The focus is upon single mothers from the lower and middle class and their children when they reach the age of 3.

Kiran Namaste main philosophy:

Do not give fish to eat, give them a rod to catch their own fish.



During a period of three years the women are able to work on their future while staying in the Kiran Namaste House. Kiran Namaste provides care during these years for their children. The mothers learn how to earn money by for example: sewing bags or present bags in their own studio. There are women who work for external employers making shoes. Some women work in housekeeping, as a cleaner in a factory or a restauarant. Focusing on every woman, they are able to earn income by working. Kiran Namaste helps the women to get dignified job. From the women it is expected to develop independency and to try to get out off the hopeless social situation their in. Another essential point of the foundation is that the children are able to go to school so they will have an opportunity in society.


Kiran Namaste is a home where possibilities and space is created for the mothers to development themselves during the three years of their stay. This is realized through different sorts of trainings and courses. For example: Language and sewing- courses, social skill and cultural education trainings. After the three years the mothers are able to live substantive with their children. This is reality; this has been proved to us several times. The independent mothers are taken care of through the assurance of work. Kiran Namaste also takes care of the children during extracurricular hours until they finish school. By doing this we provide the opportunity to continue on the right foot we started with, taking care of the child until the very end of their school years.



The Connection between mother AND child is the basis of Kiran Namaste.